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Consulting for High-Stakes Deals

Managing the Challenges of
"Make or Break" Deals

Every negotiation presents nuanced hurdles that demand careful consideration and strategic expertise. You may find yourself facing resistance while managing competing interests and navigating power dynamics. I can help.

A Specialist That Will:

  • Advise on transaction strategies and deal structures

  • Help establish priorities (and maintain accountability)

  • Review financials and deal documents

  • Guide you on handling stakeholder dynamics and comms

  • Offer feedback, assessments, and suggestions

  • Assist in consolidating and synthesizing information

Benefits of Working With Me

Drawing on nearly three decades of experience building, buying, investing in, and exiting high-growth businesses, I will help you plan your approach, make sense of all the moving parts, and navigate the best path forward for you.

I will help you to:

 • Greatly reduce the risk of making costly missteps
• Make a go or no-go decision
• Cut through the noise
• Manage challenging stakeholder dynamics
Incorporate best practices in deal negotiation
Reduce stress and anxiety
Business Conference

How It's Done

Growing, buying, selling, or investing in a business can be daunting. A lot is on the line. Information and opinions come at you from all directions, and it is often emotionally taxing and sometimes overwhelming to make sense of it all.

Some of your advisors have a stake in the outcome, others have a narrow perspective due to their expertise. Your success and peace of mind are my main focus. I have been in your shoes and can help you filter through the clutter to make the decisions that are best for you.

I’m in your corner. I have sat on all sides of the deal table. While I don't source deals, build financial models, or run due diligence, I do pull back the curtain on how the deal works and what the people involved actually care about.

Every step of the way I will maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information. I do not receive compensation based on a percentage of the deal transaction.

My primary focus is your agenda and peace of mind.

Some of the essential deal elements we may work through include...

For Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

Dilution, valuation & pricing, investor due diligence, negotiating deal terms, managing expectations

For Entrepreneurs Selling Your Company

Valuation & pricing, timing & market conditions, confidentiality, finding the right buyer, due diligence, negotiating deal terms, employee & stakeholder concerns, transition & integration, regulatory & legal compliance, emotional considerations

For Executives Buying a Company

Valuation & pricing, due diligence, financing, integration, regulatory & legal compliance, employee retention & morale, cultural alignment, stakeholder management, change management, post-acquisition performance

For Investors Doing Early-Stage Investing or Private Equity Secondaries

Investment risk, limited information, valuation & pricing, market uncertainty, portfolio diversification, operational involvement, exit strategy, regulatory & legal considerations

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